Dr. Felix Brych ends his international career

Dr. Felix Brych was born on 3 August 1975 in Munich. The 45-year-old calm and balanced lawyer is a world-famous arbitrator. He made history at this year's European Championships. The lawyer whistled for a total of five games. To the surprise of many fans, he decided to end his international career as a referee. "When it's the most beautiful, you have to stop." Wisdom that Felix Brych probably claims to be. In an interview with Kicker magazine, he stated that he did not think he could repeat his performance. He will end his international career by the end of the year, but sports betting on https://asian-bookies.net/ continues. It's amazing how a professional judge combines his calling with work.

Was there an age requirement for a doctor? Have you reached Felix Brych?

The age limit for the Bundesliga is 47. Theoretically, he could referee a few more games, especially since international associations do not strictly observe the age limit. At the age of 48, Dutch referee Bjorn Kuipers was still involved in the final match of the European Championship between England and Italy. Felix Brych will stay in football. It continues nationally. He will continue to be actively seen on the field as a referee for future Bundesliga games.

The press goes crazy and regrets his decision as far as international competition is concerned. He was not just a judge, he was a special ambassador. His colleague, Judge Bibiana Steinhaus-Webb, regrets his decision. Regret can also be heard in professional circles. Felix Brych criticized his colleague Manuel Grefe in this context. He avoided public mention of his name. Graf took action against the age limit of 47 due to discrimination. Criticism poured in. Opinions were divided between praise and incomprehension. In the meantime, there is a massive incident planned for this year in Qatar this year, anticipation or boycott? Read more about this on this page.

EM of his life

Times journalist Henry Winter praised Brych. His calm and reserved demeanor was especially well received by the journalist. In his opinion, the lawyer should come to London for another three or four years.

His record is:

  • Quarter-final England-Ukraine
  • Finland - Belgium
  • 1/8 finals Belgium-Portugal
  • Netherlands - Ukraine

With these games, the 2020 World Cup was personally more successful for him than the 2018 European Championship that ended. At the time, he left disappointed. The FIFA World Association no longer nominated him after the preliminary round matches as a referee for the upcoming games. But he continued to walk and, fortunately, did not let himself be restrained.

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